What is AcuraLink?

2021 Acura RDX Interior Dash

What is AcuraLink? Simply put, the AcuraLink app lets you connect to your new Acura model from almost anywhere at the touch of a button from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. AcuraLink connect allows Union County drivers to enjoy several cloud-based services when they’re on the go. 

A few AcuraLink connect features include:

  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic 
  • Personal Concierge 
  • Automatic Collision Notification 
  • Roadside Assistance


What are the benefits of the AcuraLink suite? Read on to explore AcuraLink connect:

  • Send Destination: Send destination and directions to your vehicle so you can cruise from Bridgewater to Staten Island with ease. 
  • Find My Car: If you’re having trouble locating your RDX in a crowded Springfield Township parking lot you can simply use the intuitive AcuraLink app to find it. 
  • Remote Lock & Unlock: Whether you’d like to double-check that your vehicle is locked or you need to let someone in your vehicle remotely, the AcuraLink remote lock and unlock function will come in handy.
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic: Get up-to-date traffic information straight to your navigation system, so you won’t experience unexpected traffic in Springfield Township ever again. 
  • Personal Concierge: Take advantage of Acura’s personal concierge team to help you make hotel or restaurant reservations, or even book a flight. 

Safety and Security 

Union County drivers are looking for safety and security in their next vehicle. See what AcuraLink connect has to offer below:

  • Automatic Collision Notification: In the event of a vehicle crash, a live agent will reach out to assist. 
  • Emergency Call: Trained agents can provide priority attention and send emergency services to your vehicle. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Indicator: If your vehicle is stolen, AcuraLink will help local authorities locate it.


Whether you’re driving a new or used Acura vehicle, maintenance is important. See how AcuraLink enhances vehicle maintenance below:

  • Owner’s Guides: Receive digital versions of all your vehicle documents, including owner’s manuals and guides, right on your AcuraLink connect app. 
  • Recall: In the unlikely event of a recall, you’ll receive a notification to ensure peace of mind. 
  • Schedule Service: AcuraLink makes it easy to arrange each scheduled service to keep your vehicle in prime condition. 
  • Roadside Assistance: Need fuel delivered, a tire changed, a jump start, or a tow? Simply use your AcuraLink connect app to send 24/7 roadside assistance to your location.

Find Your AcuraLink Model from Springfield Acura

So, what is AcuraLink? Simply put it is the latest technology to enhance your daily drives. Whether you’re looking for a new Acura MDX or another great Acura model, you can take advantage of the many benefits of AcuraLink connect. Still have questions? Contact us today to speak with one of our trained Acura specialists.