Value Your Trade


Value Your Trade-In Car at Springfield Acura

As it’s time to seal the deal on any new vehicleused vehicle, or certified pre-owned vehicle at Springfield Acura, you want to ensure you get the best price possible, and there’s no better way than when you trade-in your car. Use our online trade-in tool by filling out your vehicle information, and you’ll be sent an offer that you can put down toward your next vehicle purchase or down payment. Learn the steps on how to trade in a car at Springfield Acura, and get the process started with our sales team today!

How to Trade In My Car

If this is your first time finding your trade-in car value, you may be wondering to yourself, “How do I trade in my car?” This is a fairly straightforward process, however, you will need to keep in mind that your specific model’s popularity and market demand can come into play to affect your trade-in value. Follow these steps on how to find the value of your trade-in car below:

  • After you’ve figured out your trade-in value, you can explore our inventory of new andused vehicles online to find your next vehicle.
  • If your trade-in doesn’t cover the value of your new vehicle, you can turn to our financing department to help you cover the remaining amount.
  • Trading in a car with a loan balance might seem tricky, but we can help you decide if it’s worth it. Our team of finance experts can go over the basics and help you make an informed decision.
  • If you’re ready to make a trade, bring your car to Springfield Acura along with the title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. We’ll inspect the vehicle and finalize the trade-in amount.

Why Trade in a Car With Our Dealership?

When you trade in a car at our dealership, you’ll enjoy a range of perks that you won’t find if you were to try and sell your vehicle on your own around Union County. You don’t have to spend time showing it to various possible buyers or having to haggle on prices. Trading in a car at Springfield Acura is a seamless experience that enables you to have a better down payment which means a lower balance each month no matter if you choose to lease or finance.

Get Questions on Your Trade-In Answered at Springfield Acura

If you’ve got further questions on the value of your trade-in car or how to trade in your car with us, our team is here to help. At Springfield Acura, you can find all the information and resources you need to determine your next luxury ride with our car-buying tips and tricks. You can even apply for financing or estimate your monthly auto payment online right at home. Contact us today at Springfield Acura, or stop by our dealership right here in Springfield Township!