Why Rotate Tires?

Mechanic with Tires

Tire rotation is a critical component of your overall vehicle maintenance schedule. Why rotate tires? Because tires don’t wear evenly, tire rotation works to prevent any single tire from wearing out faster than the others. Discover the importance of rotating your tires in this guide from Springfield Acura, and then visit our dealership near Union County to shop for Acura parts, including authentic Acura tires.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires? 

The frequency with which you rotate your tires depends on a number of factors, but ultimately, you should schedule a tire rotation every 6 months or every 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles. Most Bridgewater-area drivers have a tire rotation completed when they bring their car in for an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for more information about tire rotation frequency for your specific vehicle, or connect with the Springfield Acura service center for guidance.

How Drivetrain Influences Tire Rotation

One significant factor that will influence your tire rotation schedule is the type of drivetrain your vehicle employs. When you accelerate, brake, turn your wheels, and go around curves in Staten Island, it requires friction between your tires and the road, which results in wear on your tires. Front-wheel drive, for instance, means that the front tires bear the brunt of the wear, whereas rear-wheel drive indicates that the rear wheels endure the majority of the wear. Meanwhile, all-wheel drive means that power is sent to axles or wheels on an individual basis, so tire rotation will be needed more frequently than with front- or rear-wheel drive to accommodate for this.

Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

Why rotate tires? If you keep up with regular tire rotation, you can expect to extend the lifespan of your tires, maintain balanced traction on the Staten Island roads, better avoid flat tires and blowouts, and more. Plus, you will achieve superior fuel economy returns when your vehicle isn’t compensating for worn-out tires. Schedule tire rotation service with Springfield Acura today!

Get Acura Service Near Union County at Springfield Acura

In need of Acura service near Union County? Ready for your next tire rotation? Springfield Acura has you covered! Get in touch with our team to get started, and make sure to check out our Acura service specials to save on your visit.


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