How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Battery with Tools

The service team at Springfield Acura in Springfield Township often gets asked, “How long do car batteries last?” Generally, you should do a car battery change every three to four years, but the duration varies somewhat depending on weather conditions and other factors. Below, we discuss the average vehicle battery life and how to know when you need a car battery change. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Average Vehicle Battery Life 

We know you love your new Acura MDX and want to take good care of it. Car battery replacement is essential to routine vehicle maintenance like tire rotation, oil changes, and brake service. Some Union County drivers might suggest waiting five to six years for a car battery change. Others may think you should get a car battery replacement in only one to two years. We at Springfield Acura recommend a car battery change every three to four years so you don’t end up stuck on the side of Bridgewater roads. 

Things That May Shorten Your Car Battery Life 

Driving habits and location can reduce the average vehicle battery life. For example, if you don’t drive very often and sometimes leave your vehicle sitting for long periods, you could weaken your car’s battery. Try taking the longer scenic route during your commute around Staten Island, so your car’s battery has sufficient time to charge, and be careful not to leave your lights on overnight because that can quickly drain the battery. Also, extreme weather conditions, especially excessive heat, will reduce the average vehicle battery life.

Signs That Your Car Battery is Low 

These are some warning signs that you may soon need a car battery change: 

  • The engine is slow to start or won’t start at all
  • Your lights are dim
  • The battery case is warped or deformed 
  • Check engine light is on or blinking
  • Electric issues, such as your phone charger or heated seats stop working 
  • Your car battery connectors look corroded 

The most obvious indicator that your battery needs replaced is age. If your car battery is approximately three years old, schedule service at Springfield Acura so we can conduct a battery load test to ensure it’s working properly. 

Springfield Acura is Always at Your Service

Now that you know the answer to the question, “How long do car batteries last,” remember that Springfield Acura is an Authorized Acura dealership and happy to help you with all your auto care needs. Check our current service offers and contact us today! 


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